Mitzvah Videography

At Maryland Photo Video, our professional mitzvah videography associates are here to serve you. We know how important your son or daughter’s mitzvah day is and with that knowledge we capture your moments and turn them into unique life lasting memories. For over 10 years we have been setting the standard in Bar & Bat Mitzvah videography. Capturing your event is only a portion of what we do. In our hi-tech, in house studios we take your event and turn it into a beautiful cinematic movie. Our signature highlight reel is truly an amazing addition to any video package. This short film tells the story of your son or daughter’s precious day from the moment they become a bar or bat mitzvah to the great celebration that follows. Call us today and ask about how you can have this amazing cinematic short film for an everlasting memory.

Mitzvah Videography in Stunning High Definition – Apple and Android Devices

Always staying up on the latest technology is at the core of our company. Not only can we deliver your video on DVD or Stunning Blu-ray, we can now STREAM YOUR VIDEO¬†for use on an iPod, iPad, iPhone or Android device, and also show you how to set-up your video for use with a home streaming media center. You might be thinking what does this mean for me? We know how time consuming searching for a DVD can be in your living room cabinet. With your video STREAMED for iTunes, you will never have to leave your seat to watch your video. Taking your video with you to grandma’s or your best friends house, down the street, has never been easier. Instant cool status for your son or daughter at school… Who doesn’t think that’s cool to have their mitzvah video on an iPhone, iPod or iPad, ready to show their friends.

Crystal Highlight

Signature Highlight

Growing Up Montages

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Mitzvah Videography packages

Videography Packages

Our videography packages are built with the best value the industry can provide. From our amazing, stunning mitzvah videos to our incredible, crystal highlight and signature highlight, you can always count on the highest quality and service from Maryland Photo Video.